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Benjamin Zepahniah
January 17, 2003

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running time: 25:19  
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Oral Poet Benjamin Zephaniah reasons with Ireggae about British views on the impending war against Iraq and the power of the media to control people.  He discusses his views of the world as a vegan and an ecologist.  

Benjamin has just returned from Jamaica where he was working on a project for BBC Radio: "Rasta History".  During the interview Zephaniah recites one of his more recent works entitled "Wrong Radio Station".  A multimedia presentation of this poem is available below.

 "There is no way to peace you know.  There is no way to peace.  Peace is the way.  If peace is an abstract concept that we are all going towards, then we do things like have a Vietnamese war or have a desert storn thinking you are going to find peace.   And you win the war, and keep losing the peace.   No, actually peace has to become the livity as they say in rasta. - Benjamin Zephaniah

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