Dub poetry gives direction to the conscience through word and purpose. It is the voice of rebel poets like Mutabaruka and Malachi Smith, prophets with potent messages, who elevate as they educate. Add a heavy dub rhythm to the power of the word and you have the music of the future. This was the first dub poetry anthology ever released. Note: the CD reissue of this recording also includes dub versions of this material originally contained on the album Dub Poets Dub (HBEA 30).
". . . some of the best exponents of dub poetry, commenting on and preaching
change, set to great reggae rhythms." --Hedo News

"The only place in reggae one can go to find that raw, uncut intensity is dub
poetry . . . the one element of reggae that seems to be going forward rather than
merely remaining in a holding pattern." --Robert Santelli, Goldmine

Basil "Benbow" Creary, drums / Christopher Meredith, bass / Leebert "Gibby" Morrison, lead guitar / Fazel Prendergast, rhythm guitar / Anthony "Asher" Brissett, keyboards / Errol "Tarzan" Nelson, keyboards, voice / Pat Lewis, percussion / Harry T. Powell, percussion / Mutabaruka, percussion / Everton Carrington, percussion / Dean Fraser, horns / Nambo, horns / Bobby Ellis, horns / Muta Carrington, voice / Everton Carrington, voice



Num. Song Title Time
1. To Plant 4:08
2. Set De Prisoners Free 3:04
3. Victim 3:31
4. Drop It 1:48
5. Blood Shout 3:48
6. Mr. Bigness Man 3:49
7. Aid Travels With A Bomb 3:23
8. Signs Of The Times 3:16
9. Out Of Many One 3:19
10. Fork And Hoe 3:37
11. Death Row 3:29
12. Cussing The President 3:12
14. Blood Shout Dub 4:49
15. Hide and Fine 3:49
16. Aids 3:22
17. Anti-Klan Dub 3:42
18. Land Control 3:07
13. Illusion 1:49


CD:011661751521 CS:011661751545
Produced by Mutabaruka
Year Released: 1994