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Warrior King
December 3, 2002

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Warrior King Interview - December 3, 2002
running time: 25:14  
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In an era in which negativity, guns and profanity dominate the reggae airwaves, a conscious breathe of fresh air has emerged in the personage of Warrior King.  Born in Kingston as Mark Dyer, this 23 year old bredren burst onto the music scene last year with his chart-topping first single 'Virtuous Woman'.    

Warrior King reasons with Ireggae about the 18 selections which are contained on 'Virtuous Woman', his wonderful debut album released by VP Records.  He also reflects on his recent tour of the East Coast with Luciano and hopes and aspirations for the future.

"We as Africans, we as Rastafarians desire to live in peace and friendship with all people without regard to race, color, creed or any other persuasion, and we are willing to cooperate with all those who sincerely and honestly desire our well-being and advancement." - Warrior King

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