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Isiah Mentor
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i was born in Rae Town Kingston Jamaica, at three my mother relocated to Spanish Town in St. Catherine. i was discovered by my aunt deeta at 11 years old singing the song stealing love on the side.  i got more motivated by my class mate at tivoli high school and then started to sing at night clubs in Spanish Town where i was introduced to King Tubby’s

studio engineer Professor and soon became part of the King Tubbys crew in Water House, Kingston. i recorded singles like "Ghost Bust", "Older Than Me" and "How You Pretty So", just to name a few. i also did dub plates for sound systems all over the world. i spent a few years in the U.S recording for Phillip Smart’s H.C. and F. recording studio in Long Island. There i did songs like "Big in na Bed", that went number 2 on the W.N.W.K Clinton Lindsay reggae charts. Up to this point, i was called Lilly Melody. Then i got a call from JAH to help spread his teaching of love and unity to all of humanity and so he said my name should be ISIAH MENTOR. i am presently recording for black pyramid productions and on my own record label, VILLAGE ROOTS RECORDS. my mission is to use music to let the people of this world know that jah jah,s love is everything. rasta love. isiah

Visit the new web site: VillageRootsRecords.com
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