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From The Heart
Blackwacks (CD#0024)

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Liner Notes

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Produced by Lincoln Minott and Lloyd Barnes
Executive Producer: Lincoln Minott, Lloyd Barnes &
                                    Locksley Runcie
Recorded at Wackies - NY
Engineers: Bullwackies, Kennedy Jones, Lincoln Minott,                     Barnabas


Bass: Lloyd Barnes, Lincoln Minott, J Harris Ricky
Drum Program: Lloyd Barnes, Lincoln Minott, R. Barnes
Keyboards: Lloyd Barnes, Lincoln Minott, J. Harris,
                     Lawrence Lewis
Guitars: Asha Gits, Jerry Harris
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Background Vocals: Lincoln Minott, Lisa Miller, Asha


Track List:
  1. Dangerous Minds
  2. Bad Bwoy
  3. Easy No Man
  4. Love & Understanding
  5. Mr. Politician
  6. Save A City
  7. Victim of a Love Affair
  8. Season Change
  9. Number One
  10. Mean To Me
  11. Tear Drops
  12. Love Of My Life
  13. Gimme A Reason
  14. Humble Lion
  15. Original Lovers Rock
  16. Run Come

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Liner Notes:

Lincoln Sugar Minott with the sweet voice that bears his name who over the decades has been labeled as a lovers rocker but has never failed to shed light on current socio-economic situation has done it again.

Sugar is back to warn us of "Dangerous Minds" and to take it "Easy No Man", he wails out to us about "Love and Understanding" and that few good men can "Save A City".

Working with his longtime friend Lloyd "Bullwackies" Barnes who has a wealth of experience, Sugar Naturally find himself singing about "Victims of Love Affairs" which can cause "Tear Drops" and then the more pleasant topic of "The Love of His Life".  But whatever genre of reggae is being sang, there is that unmistakably smoothness that only he can deliver.

So when all is sang and listened to, how can it not be appreciated when it come From The Heart.

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