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Shakey Ranks
August 4, 2002

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Shakey Ranks Interview - August 4, 2002
running time: 50:13  
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Shakey Ranks reasons with Ireggae about his recently released debut album Mr. Progressive.  Hailing from Barbados, Shakey speaks about how he got started in reggae spinning selections for his Vibes International Sound System, one of the island's most popular sound systems.  

Ranks discusses how his friends urged him to take singing more seriously which eventually led to his recording "Chant & Talk", a combination with Njeri that was very well received in Barbados.  Shakey talks about the overwhelming response he received by Jamaicans when he performed at the earthday celebration of long-time friend Everton Blender a few years ago.. 

From the R&B flavored 'Shakey Love' to the dancehall anthem 'Have Me Tie Out' to the jazz infused title track, Mr. Progressive utilizes a variety of musical styles to please all types of reggae fans.  Shakey discusses some of the cultural differences between Jamaica and Barbados, as well as his ambition to distribute Mr.Progressive far and wide.

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