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Track List:

Sound Samples:

1.  Earth Ah Run Red ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)
2.  Blazing Fire ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)
3.  One Tree

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4.  Shakey Love
5.  100% Of Love
6.  Give Thanks ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)
7.  I Know Who I Am ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)
8.  Have Me Tie Out
9.  Feel Like Skanking
10.Black Sons And Daughters ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)
11.Mr. Progressive ram3.gif (2593 bytes) (Real Audio Sample)


shakeyranks6.gif (38630 bytes) Musicians:

Guest Appearance Biggie Irie
Sax Arturo Tappin
Drums Jamal Brown
Bass Guitar Shawn 'Rebel Union' Thomas
Rhythm Guitar Scott Galt
Keyboards Alex Matthian
Percussion Keino Emanuel, James Lovell, Richard Smith, Onika
Background Vocals Tamara Marshall, Amanda Cumberbatch

Recorded & Mixed Andis 'PA' Raibacis
Recorded at Dbox Studios / Elite Systems
Mastered Disc Makers
Executive Producers Vibes & M2 Productions
Arranged & Produced Alex Matthian
Co-Produced by M. Alleyne & Andis 'PA' Raibacis


Liner Notes:

First, give thanks to ALMIGHTY GOD, THROUGH HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Special thanks to the singers and musicians who made this album a reality.  My prayers be with you always.  To the Elite System & D Box Studio crew, than you for allowing me to express my feelings.  To Alex the "Wonder Dread" & PA "Mr. Serious", the road was long and rough but we made it through.  We will meet again in part two.  To my attorney Mrs. Peta-Gay Lebrace and the Inn Chambers family, good advise plays an important role in my live.  To all song systems and radio announcers, your continued support is needed in this world of so much hatred.  To my fans there will never be Shakey if there is no you, blessings to Ms. Kim Thompson, you are and will always be a part of this one love.  As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.  Blessed be to JAH THE MOST HIGH.

Peace  Shakey Ranks

Shakey Ranks - Mr. Progressive

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