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Ras Michael
April 7, 2002

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Ras Michael Interview - April 7, 2002
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Ireggae reasons with the legendary nyahbinghi specialist Ras Michael about his learnings as a youth from elders such as Mortimo Planno and Brother Charles and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari.  Nyahbinghi is an african word meaning "Sons of Thunder" explains Ras Michael, who delves into some of the causes of problems facing africans and the world today.

Ras Michael also speaks of the actions he is taking against Dynamic Records and Rhino Records for their having desecrated his album 'Sounds of Freedom' by issuing a CD of the album with pictures of naked women on the cover.  "I want to know why a jacket like this would be used for my album. They have desecrated the Rastaman image and my vibrations". 

Ras Michael also discusses his album "Weh Dem Ago Do Wid It" that was released by Zion Disc, as well as his newest project "Perfect Love", which he hopes to complete later this year. 

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Cover Girls Anger Ras Michael

Ras Michael & Queen Makedah
Queen Makedah and Ras Michael
performing at the CD Release party for
The Awakening - August 3, 2000

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