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Jah Golden Throne
Jah Warrior (CD#017)

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Produced by Jah Warrior
Recorded at Conscious Sounds Studio
Mixed by Dougie Wardrop
Release Date: June, 2000

Crispy Horns: Trombone: Chris Petter
                        Trumpet: Dave Hake
Bongos & Tamborine: Jonah Dan
Guitar & Harmonies: Hughie Izachaar
All Other Instruments: S. Mosco/A. Millgate

Track List:

  1. I Put My Trust In Jah
  2. Lef Babylon & Come
  3. Jah Jah Voice Is Calling
  4. Lead Us Jah Jah
  5. Jah Is Mighty In Battle
  6. Hail Him
  7. Jah Golden Throne
  8. Rasta Nah Lose Him Culture
  9. I Want To Tell The World I Love Jah
  10. Sinners Where You Gonna Run
  11. New Jerusalem
  12. Warning



Peter Broggs established himself as an ambassador of roots music many years ago when RAS Records chose him for the release of their first album ever, 'Rastafari Liveth'.

Peter Broggs teams up with the formidable talents of Steve "Jah Warrior" Mosco for his newest release 'Jah Golden Throne'.  This album features remakes of his classics 'Jah Jah Voice is Calling' and the title track, along with ten glorious new songs, 'I Put My Trust in Jah', 'Hail Him' and 'Warning' being especially strong. 

What makes this album particularly crucial is the way in which Peter Brogg's invocations and harmonies merge so gloriously with Jah Warrior's crucial riddims and dubs to create a deep, penetrating, conscious vibe.  Jah Golden Throne is a MUST for roots lovers!!!

Daniel (RAW#495)

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