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Ossie Dellimore - Freedom's Journal Ossie Dellimore
Freedom's Journal
AB Records (CD-0001)

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Produced by Ossie Dellimore
Executive Producer: Andrew Budhan
Recorded at Andrew B. Production
Mixed and Mastered at Fuzz & Ultraphonic Studios
Engineers: Anim Linus, Jake Renaldo & Ossie Dellimore
Released: June, 2000


Track List:
  1. The System
  2. Fire Man
  3. Time Has Come
  4. To The Limit
  5. Rocker Reggae
  6. Got To Be Free
  7. Down Pressor Man
  8. A Better Way
  9. Justice
  10. Sharp As A Razor
    w/ Jr. Demus

Drums: Linden Aaron, Digital "Dan" Pacquete
Bass: Ray Dopwell
Rhythm Guitars: Ossie Dellimore, Ronnie Butler, Aurelien
                            "Naphtali" Metsch, Donovan McKitty,
                            Derrick "Keba" Granville
Lead Guitars: Ronnie Butler, Aurelien "Naphtali" Metsch,
                         Derrick "Keba" Granville, Donovan McKitty
Keyboards: Homar Webster, Emi Yarbuno
Percussions: Ossie Dellimore
Background Vocals: Starlett Kirby, Vernessa "Rahsheba"
                                    Lewis, Adama Kefentse


Ossie Dellimore feeds the masses who hunger for consciousness with the release of his debut CD Freedom's Journal.   Backed by the Soldiers of Justice band, this album features 10 crucial cuts, all written and produced by Ossie himself.

Freedom's Journal is built upon a solid roots foundation laid down by Soldiers of Justice uses strictly live instruments.  Ossie Dellimore adds his unique vocal style to deliver potent political and socially conscious songs like 'The System', 'Fire Man' and 'Justice' that speak to the afflictions facing society and the people's need for spiritual upliftment in their modern day way of life.  

Originally hailing from St. Vincent, Ossie Dellimore's musical career was boosted by his capturing first prize at Amateur Night at The Apollo.  Several years later, Ossie's abundant musical and lyrical talents convinced Easy Star Records to include his first single 'Time Has Come' on the Easy Star Vol. 1 compilation album.  Another version of that song is also included on Freedom's Journal, as is Ossie's second single 'Sharp As A Razor', a combination with Jr. Demus

In bringing together heartical roots riddims with rich intelligent conscious lyrics, Freedom's Journal reveals that the time has come for the sounds of Ossie Dellimore and Soldiers of Justice to be heard far and wide.

Daniel - Ireggae

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