Nursery Rhyme Lament

fus time
jack an' jill
use fi run up de hill everyday
now dem get pipe
wata rate increase

everday dem woulda reincarnate humpty dumpty
fi fall of de wall
likkle bway blue
who love to blow im horn to de sheep in the meddow
likkle bway blue grow up now
an de sheep dem get curried
ina likkle cold suppa shap dang de street

yuh rememba wen man dida panda fi guh moon
yet dem did 'ave de cat a play fiddle
suh de cow coulda jump ova it every full moon
an' ...lite bill increase

...den there was de old ooman
who neva huh nuh family plannin clinic
she use fi live somewhey dung a back-o-wall
ina a lef' foot shoe
back-o-wall tun tivoli gardens now
suh she move

jack sprat...yes jack sprat
who could'nt stan' fat
im start eat it now
but im son tun vegetarian
cause meat scarce

likkle bo peep who lost her sheep
went out fi look fi dem
an' fine a politician instead
an is now livin on beverly hills
an society grow...

dic aree dick aree doc
de mouse run up de clock
all de tennats 'ave heart attack
suh de lan' lard nuh 'ave need fi com back

fus time man use fi lov' dem
but dem deh days dun
an wi write...


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