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The Cutting Edge


PNP & JLP - Dem Lie


Hope & Salvation Lies Within Jerimiah 23
Pot Found Growing in Bukkingham Palace Cutting Your Hair Can Be Dangerous To Your Health Tao Philosophy
Muta & Tony Rebel in Israel The God's Must Be Crazy Muta in Israel
Speech given by King Leopold II Allegory of the Caves
Rastafari is a Way of Life Santa Clause One Life
Year 2000 Warning Religion Oppresses Women
Black History is Much More Than Slavery Africans Were Advanced Before Slavery Black History (long)
500 Years of Tricks Politics & Religion
What is Your Spiritual Philosophy? Give Peace A Chance Demand Change
Be Your Self Back To The Future
People Have a Right To Think What They Want Reggae & Rastafari Uplifts Jamaica in the World Faith & Historical Fact (long)
Fear Perpetuates Religion Malcolm X

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Extended Reasonings

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Rasta Contributions in Education and Schools - Muta talks to Karl Phillpots about the development of Schools in Shashamane and to Bunny Wailer about his Solomonic All Saints Kindergarten and Prep College (September 27, 2006)


Haile Selassie v. Cable & Wireless -- Muta reasons with Miguel Lorne about Selassie's lawsuit against Cable & Wireless along with some of his other tribulations while Ethiopia was occupied by Mussolini. (September 20, 2006)


Don't Know Much About the Bible - Muta plays and discusses the first segment of this Kenneth C. Davis novel which looks at the Old Testament. (January 18, 2006)


Biography Of The Devil - The Theological College of the Cutting Edge takes a fascinating look at the history of the devil. (December 21, 2005)


Don't Know Much About the Bible - Muta plays and discusses the final segment of this Kenneth C. Davis novel. (December 7, 2005)


The Dark Side of Black People - Muta kicks off a fiery discussion about racsim and the media coverage of Katrina based on this recent article in the Jamaica Star by Leighton Levy. (September 14, 2005)


Tomorrow's God - Muta discusses the need for critical thinking to evolve and plays portions of Neale Donald Walsch's "Tomorrow's God". (June 23, 2005)


Troubled Haiti - Muta reasons Myrtha about his recent visit to Haiti and the enormous problems facing that country today (July 21, 2004)


Abuse In The Home - Muta reasons with a social worker about the problems of incest and child abuse in Jamaica (July 7, 2004)


The Art of War - Muta gives a repeat performance of this audio translation of the oldest military strategy writings - Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War' (January 14, 2004)


Rastas Need To Stop Dreaming - Muta speaks out about the Alex Walker article "38 Years Since Selassie's Death - Rastas Need to Stop Dreaming(November 12, 2003)


Dis and Dat - Muta plays poetry, reasons about the war and speaks with Ephraim Martin about the Internation Reggae & World Music Awards to be held in New York on May 9th (April 2, 2003)


Pum Pum Poetry - Muta speaks with Sajoya (Sandra Alcott) about the Pum Pum Posse and rastafari views regarding sexuality (December 18, 2002)


Darwin's Theory of Evolution - Muta plays an audio tape and reasons about "The Origins of Man" and Darwin's Theory of Evolution (November 13, 2002)


Jamaican Performers Administration Society - Muta reasons with Tony Laing and Miguel Lorne about JPAS and other societies designed to secure payments for Jamaican performing artists (October 23, 2002)


Reggae Music - Beyond the Hype - At the 9th annual Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, Muta gave a lecture in which he challenged the members of Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide to go beyond the hype of reggae music and to get involved in the issues that is embodied in the music (August 29, 2002)


Religious Hard Talk - Muta rebroadcasts a debate between himself and David Pearson that recently aired on RJR-FM's Hard Talk program hosted by Ian Bowen (Cutting Edge - July 17, 2002)


Fast Food Nation - Part 3 of this tape exposes the plight that fast foods have heaped on the poultry and meat industries (Cutting Edge - July 10, 2002)


More Fast Food Nation - Muta continues with this tape which looks into food processing & 'natural' flavorings added to foods (Cutting Edge - July 3, 2002)


Fast Food Nation - Muta plays part one of a tape discussing the birth of the fast food industry and it's impact on society (Cutting Edge - June 26, 2002)


The Africa Cake - Muta plays a tape and discusses the arrogance of europeans regarding 'The Scramble for Africa' (Cutting Edge - June 19, 2002)


New World Order - Muta plays a tape discussing the CIA's involvement in people's business. (Cutting Edge - June 12, 2002)


Concrete Jungle - Muta reasons with Pauline Edwards about her new book "Concrete Jungle" and plays Bongo Wato's reasonings from a nyahbinghi session. (Cutting Edge - June 5, 2002)


African Influences - Muta reasons with Runoko Rashidi about the influence of African culture on Asia & throughout the world (Cutting Edge - March 27, 2002)


Tax The Church - Muta proposes taxing church donations as a means for the Jamaican government to overcome revenue deficits and continues to reason with culinary artist Iris about healthy diets (Cutting Edge - March 20, 2002)


More Live Foods & Reparations - Muta speaks with culinary master Iris about women's diets and with Jah Lloyd, Sam Clayton and Ethiopian World Federation member Simeon about reparations. (Cutting Edge - March 13, 2002)


Live Foods & Reparations - Muta speaks with culinary artist and nutritionalist Iris about healthy diets and with Barbara Makeda about the reparation movement. (Cutting Edge - March 6, 2002)


Queen Afua - Muta speaks with Queen Afua and Hru Ankh Ra Semahj about herbal healing, fasting and nutrition. (Cutting Edge - February 13, 2002)


A Twist of Marley - Muta's 4 hour Marley tribute includes a killer interview with Lee "Scratch" Perry plus versions of original Marley songs and the original version of popular Marley songs (Cutting Edge - February 6, 2002)


Evolution of Music: from Jazz to Ska - Muta reasons with Sonny Bradshaw about the early influences of jamaican music (Cutting Edge - January 30, 2002)


Dub Wize and Otherwise - Muta lays down some heavy dub selections and reasons with Style Scott and Pam Hall (Cutting Edge - January 23, 2002)


Profanity & Indecency - Muta talks about the government's hypocracy in charging reggae artists for the profanity and indecency while they broadcast such actions on tell-lie-vision everyday (Cutting Edge - January 16, 2002)


Reggae Grammy - Muta talks about the grammy nominations and the watering down of the revolution by reggae artists (Cutting Edge - January 9, 2002)


Bishop Spong II - Muta plays and discusses part two of Bishop Spong's presentation on the bible and christianity (Cutting Edge - December 12, 2001)


Bishop Spong - Muta plays and discusses part one of Bishop John Spong's recent presentation on the bible and christianity (Cutting Edge - December 5, 2001)


Anthony Browder - Mutabaruka reasons with Anthony Browder about the findings in his book Nile Valley Contributions To Civilizations (Cutting Edge - November 28, 2001)


United People's Party - Muta reasons with Antonette Haughton - Cardenas, president of the United People's Party, Jamaica's newly formed political party (Cutting Edge - November 21, 2001)


Jesse Jendau - Muta reasons with Jesse Jendau and others about planes, luggage and gun politricks (Cutting Edge - November 14, 2001)


Marcus Garvey Award - Muta reasons with Mandingo and Sister Makeda about Roger 'James Bond' Moore being awarded the Marcus Garvey Lifetime Achievement Award (Cutting Edge - November 7, 2001)


Indecent Lyrics - Muta reacts to Jamaica's charging of musicians for lewdness and indecency at Champions in Action (September 12, 2001)


The Book of Leadership & Strategies - Muta reasons and plays an audio on the teachings of the Taoist Masters (Cutting Edge - March 28, 2001)


The Sayings of Buddah - Muta plays and reasons about a reading of Dao De Jing's writings from 500 BCE. (Cutting Edge - March 21, 2001)


Jamaica Get Red - Muta talks about the 7 youths killed by police in Braeton earlier today, and police policy towards youths with guns. (Cutting Edge - March 14, 2001)


Microwave Cooking - Muta reads an article and reasons about the health hazzards of microwave cooking. (Cutting Edge - March 7, 2001)


Christianity: 2000 Years of Illusion on the African Mind - Muta's lecture at the University of West Indies, with introduction by Dr. Leachim Semaj and moderated by Ibo Cooper (February 10, 2001)


Moorish Conquest of Europe - Ivan Van Sertima lecture on the African and Arabic infulences on Europe. (Cutting Edge - Feb. 7, 2001)


Jesse Jendau - Jesse calls in from South Africa to reason with Muta about the runnings around Johannesburg. (Cutting Edge - Feb. 7, 2001)


The World's Worst Atrocities - Muta reads and reasons about King Leopold II, rubber and the middle passage. (Cutting Edge - Feb. 1, 2001)


Spain - 1492 - Muta reasons about some of the things they never told you about in history class. (Cutting Edge - January 10, 2001)


Mortimo Planno - Muta reasons with rastafari elder Mortimo Planno on a variety of subjects. (Cutting Edge - January 3, 2001)


Afrikan Affairs - Reasonings with Yaasantiwa about politics and current events taking place in africa (Cutting Edge - December 6, 2000)


Emergence of Ras Tafari - Reasonings With Miguel Lorne about the followers of Ras Tafari even before his coronation; Rasta influences beyond the music industry and the recent shooting of Relver Hardware by jamaican police (Cutting Edge - November 29, 2000)


Health Vibes - Reasonings about Optimism, Cutting Hair, Alfred Whittaker's Jamaican Noni Juice and Prostate Cancer (Cutting Edge - September 20, 2000)


Pot Bust in Bukkingham Palace - Muta discusses health and diseases & the pot found growing in the Queen's Palace. (Cutting Edge - September 13, 2000)


Egyptian Yoga - Muta reasons with author Muata Ashby about his books on the disicplines of yoga practced in Kemetic cultures 5000 years ago. (Cutting Edge - September 6, 2000)


Live Foods - Muta reasons with Sun-fired chef Iris and Viktoras Kulvinskas about the live foods (raw foods) diet (Cutting Edge - August 23, 2000)


Marcus Garvey - Discussion about Jamaica's greatest hero and a Tony Martin speech about the role of women in the UNIA (Cutting Edge - August 16, 2000)


Interview of Ben Ammi - Muta's May, 2000 interview in Israel of the anointed spiritual leader of the African Hebrew Israelites (Cutting Edge - August 9, 2000)


Emancipation Day - Muta reasons about August 1st, which is emancipation day in Jamaica, as well as August 6th, so called Independence Day, and the iverstanding of the fullness thereof.  (Cutting Edge - July 26, 2000)


The Origin of Things - Muta reasons about the bottomless pit, fire and brimestone, and the origin of symbols like the ankh, the cross and the swastika (Cutting Edge - July 19, 2000)


Muta and Tony Rebel discuss their visit to Israel - Mt. Zion, Dimona, the Life (dead) Sea, and the biblical misconceptions perpetrated upon the people (Cutting Edge - June 14, 2000)


Muta discusses his visit to Israel and Pope Paul's admission that heaven and hell are not real and the fabrication of Jesus Christ (Cutting Edge - June 7, 2000)


Sister Flo O'Conner hosts The Cutting Edge seeking solutions to today's problems of guns and violence (May 24, 2000)


Muta reasons with Dr. Israel Ben Yehuda about biblical contradictions (Roots 96.4 FM - May 2, 2000)


Muta reasons with Karl Phillpots of the Twelve Tribes of Israel (Cutting Edge - April 12, 2000)


Muta reasons with Robert Hill on the life and legacy of Marcus Garvey and the 10 books he has published on the subject. (Cutting Edge - September, 2000)


Bobo Dreads Discussion about Ghana, Shashamane, and the repatriation movement. (Cutting Edge - July 23, 1996)

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