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Mikey General

August 15, 1999 s November 25, 2003

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Mikey General Interview - November 25, 2003
running time: 33:12  
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Mikey General speaks with Ireggae about his current tour of the west coast with Lions of Israel in support of "Red, Green & Gold", his new release on VP RecordsMikey also reasons about the livity of rastafari and of 'The Woman as God Head'.  He also discusses his work with the Jamaican National Children's Home.

"Everything in nature shows us the duality. The bible says 'God made man in his image and likeness.   Male and female made he.' So I think that the female is the image and likeness of god, just like the man. Personally, I would say the woman has a place in the god head. And therefore, I try to sing songs that will help women realize their divinity." - Mikey General

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Mikey General - Red Green & Gold

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Mikey General reasons with IREGGAE.COM about the "Sweep Over My Soul" tour, and Europe's devotion to reggae music. Mikey discusses his musical upbringings and growing up in the sound system era.  He speaks of how he hooked up with "Fattis" and his soul mate, Luciano.   "Reggae Music is a healing music" says Mikey, who also talks about his soon to be released new lp and the "Qabalah" label he recently formed with Luciano.

Mikey General has been performing since his days with Saxon Sound in '84.  His releases include Sinners, Stronger Rastaman and Just A Rastaman.  

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