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Live At Reggae Sumfest '93
Label: Shanachie Video #106
Format: VHS
Date: April, 1996
Producer: Tony Thompson, Ray Nieves
Time: 60 Minutes Track List
Mutabaruka, reggae dub-poet extraordinaire, mixes music, politics, humor, poetry, Afro-centricism and much more in searing exposÚs of life on Planet Earth.  In this dramatically-lit nightime performance at the 1993 Reggae Sumfest held at Montego Bay, he stalks the stage barefoot and dreadlocked, dressed in prophet's robe, waving a huge Rasta banner, flanked by his long-time backing band and three dancers.  Interspersed with a musical rollercoaster of reggae, soca, rock, African sounds and even classical music are his searing monologues on drugs, the Pope, tourism, the government, McDonald's and poverty.

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Track List:

1. Columbus 6. Let's Dance

Any Which Way Freedom

7. The System Is A Fraud
3. By Any Means Necessary 8. Johnny Drughead
4. Junk Food 9. Mandela
5. Witeman Country 10. Free Up The Land

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