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Life Squared Life Squared
Label: Heartbeat Records
Format: CD (HB256)
Release Date: June 11, 2002
Producer: Mutabaruka
Time: 60:03

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1. Dem Seh 10. Spirituality
2. War A Gwaan Dung Deh 11. Muta Seh
3. The Monkey 12. Mother Divine
4. Time We Realize 13. One People
5. Life And Debt 14. I Write A Poem
6. The Confusion Today (Wha a Gwan) 15. Dream Girl
7. Muta Seh 16. The Monkey (Mento Mix)
8. I Truly Believe 17. Muta Seh
9. Pele 18. Dis Poem (Remix)

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Dub Poet, radio host, and author, Mutabaruka is Jamaica's voice of the people. Spanning a recording career of 21 years, Muta now releases his first album since 1994, Life Squared. A true individual, Muta's lyrics are insightful, intelligent, and powerful, as he comments on all aspects of human nature. Life Squared features the single "The Monkey" and also the title track to Life and Debt, the acclaimed film that documents real life experiences in Jamaica.

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War A Gwaan Dung Deh
Drums: D. Jones; Guitar: M. Gordon; Bass: G. Brownie; Keyboard: C. McDonald, I. Cooper
Mixed by: C. Daley
The Monkey
Drums: D. Jones; Guitar: M. Gordon; Bass: G. Brownie; Keyboard: C. McDonald; Trombone: N. Robinson
Mixed by: A. (Sticky 2) Thompson
It's time To Realize
Keyboard programming: Computer Paul; Backing Vocals: Renee, Leba, Twiggy
Produced by: H. Dawkins for Pleasant Hill Productions;
Life & Debt
Drums: C. Brownie; Synthesizer: C. Brownie & G. Brownie; Bass: G. Brownie; Saxophone: D. Fraser; Kette drums: B. Lawrence; Backing Vocals: G. Brownie & C. Brownie
Mixed by: R. Brownie
The Confusion Today (Wat A Gwaan)
Drum: D. Jones; Bass: C. Meridith; Guitar: L. Morris; Keyboard programming: L. (Obeah) Denton; Saxophone: D. Fraser; Congos: D. Jones; Backing Vocals: P. Hall
Mixed by: C. Daley
I Truly Believe
Drums: D. Jones; Guitar: E. (Chinna) Smith, M. Gordon; Keyboard: C. McDonald; Percussions: H. Powell; FX: I. Cooper; Backing Vocals: P. Hall, D. Young
Mixed by: C. Daley
Arrangement: I. Cooper, D. Jones, Mutabaruka; Keyboard programming: C. McDonald; Drums: D. Jones; Backing Vocals: P. Hall
Mixed by: C. Daley
Drums: D. Jones; Keyboard: L. (Obeah) Denton; Guitar: L. Morris; Flute: S. Bernard; Backing Vocals: M. Griffiths, P. Hall
Mixed by: C. Daley
Mother Divine
Drums: D. Jones; Percussions: H. Powell; Funde & Bass Drums: Mutabaruka; Guitar: M. Gordon, E. (Chinna) Smith; Bass: G. Brownie; Keyboard: C. McDonald; Backing Vocals: D. Young, I. Cooper, Mutabaruka
Mixed by: C. Daley 
One People
Drums: D. Jones; Bass: C. McDonald; Guitars: D. Miller; Saxophone: Yeashkark
Arranged by: D. Jones & C. McDonald
I Write A Poem
Saxophone: D. Fraser; Flute: S. Bernard
Mixed by: C. Daley
Dream Girl
Drums: D. Jones; Keyboard: L. Denton; Bass: C. Meridith; Guitar: L. Morris
Mixed by: C. Daley
Dis Poem (Remix)
Musical Composition by: B. Jarvis, J. Claussell; Percussions: J. Claussell, B. Jarvis; Keyboards: B. Jarvis;
Engineer: B. Jarvis
Mixed & Produced by: J. Claussell, B. Jarvis
Reviews Reggae Vibes Sista Irie

Reggae Vibes Review

Dub poet, radio host, and author, Mutabaruka is Jamaica's voice of the people. He's an internationally acclaimed dub poet, social critic, performer and actor. Hailing from Jamaica, he is influenced by Rastafarianism and his work focuses on themes of social justice, human rights and black liberation. As a musician, he has released several outstanding albums of dub poetry, a spoken word art form which grew out of the toasting style of early reggae DJ’s. Read More

Sista Irie Review

A few days ago, I received my copy of Muta's new release "Life Squared" and I joyfully say it is his best cd ever. Praises of the highest are in full order due especially for his recognition and notable tributes to the role and status of women throughout the cd. His respect is felt on the purest and most intellectual level, a refreshing addition to the annals of reggae history. Read More

CD Now Review

Muta returns to the scene with a whole new batch of conscious "poems" called Life Squared. A lot has changed in Jamaica and its music since Muta's last release (1994's Melanin Man), and Muta -- who's spent the intervening years working as one of the island's most popular disc jockeys -- has kept pace. His current set is more mature than his previous work; though the absence of bomb-throwing and incendiary anthems doesn't mean that he's mellowed much. Read More


Listen to a brief interview of Mutabaruka discussing the songs included on Life Squared:

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"Religion is created by man, as oppossed to spirituality, which is found in man" - Mutabaruka

Photo by Diane Adam
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Mutabaruka album covers

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