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Reggae Blitz (CD#30002)

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Produced by Pipe and Bread for Wailing Souls, Inc.
Arranged by Pipe and Bread for Wailing Souls, Inc.
Recorded at: Mixing Lab, Digital B and Big Ship
Engineers: Bobby Digital, Arthur Simms, Dalton Browne
Mastered at: Sony Music Studios by David Mitson
Release Date: July, 2000

Wailing Souls:
Winston "Pipe" Matthews
Lloyd "Bread" McDonald

Drums: Sly Dunbar, Tetamus & Steve
Bass: Robbie Shakespeare, Donald "Bassie" Dennis
Guitars: Lloyd Wills, Dalton Browne
Keyboards: Lenky Marsden, Mallory Williams,
Tenor Sax: Tony Green
Trumpet: Arnold Brackenridge
Percussion: Chris "Sky Juice" Burth, Bongo Herman
Background Vocals: Paul "Lymie" Murray, Dalton
                                    Browne, Pipe and Bread

Track List:

  1. Equality
  2. Hard Living
  3. Not For Us
  4. Back Of My Hand
  5. Foundation
  6. No Joy Ride
  7. Speaking Of Time
  8. Down On Your Knees
  9. Power And Glory
  10. Don't Say
  11. Artificial
  12. Stop The Conflict


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