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Mutabaruka Compilations And
Recordings With Other Artists

Mutabaruka Recordings With Other Artists

Artist CD Title  Song Title Year
David Hinds, Freddie McGregor, Bunny Rugs, et al. 12" Land Of Africa 1985
Sister Breeze Woman Talk Reality 1986
Cheryl Byron Woman Talk Mother Francis 1986
Bunny Rugs,  Freddie McGregor, Carlene Davis, Rita Marley, et al. A Tribute To 
Marcus Garvey
Man of Nobility 1987
Ini Kamoze & Marcia Griffiths The Mystery Unfolds Walking On Gravel 1987
Ini Kamoze Shocking Out Revolution 1988
Gregory Isaacs I.O.U.  Hard Road To Travel 1989
Dennis Brown &    Ini Kamoze Unchallenged Great Kings Of Africa 1990
Yeashkark 7"  We Need Love
Sugar Minott 7"  Wise Up 1994
Arturo Tappin Java Step Forward 1995
Luciano 7" Psalms 24 1995
Luciano Ultimate Collection Psalms 24 1996
Dennis Brown &    Ini Kamoze Ultimate Collection Great Kings Of Africa 1996
Sugar Minott Ultimate Collection Wise Up 1996
Ini Kamoze & Marcia Griffiths Ultimate Collection Walking On Gravel 1996
Tony Rebel La La Bella Mama Land 1997
Tony Rebel Jah By My Side Mama Land 1997
Izrah Izrah Someday 1997
Luciano Luciano - Reggae Max Psalms 24 1998
Ras Michael Armageddon Time Chapter II Pslams 25 1999
Tony Rebel 7" De Dialog 2000

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Mutabaruka - Recordings On Compilations
CD TITLE Song Year
Word Sound Ave Power Set De Prisoners Free
Out Of Many One
High Times All-Star Explosion Postpone Christmas 1985
A Tribute To Marcus Garvey Man of Nobility 1987
Heartbeat Reggae Set De Prisoners Free 1988
By The Rivers Of Babylon I Am De Man 1997
Maximum Replay - Original Combination Great Kings of Africa
Bone Lies
Maximum Replay -Conscious Lovers Combination Hard Road to Travel w/ Gregory Isaacs 1997
Prime Cuts Vol. I Great Kings Of Africa 1997
Operation D Vol. II Warning 1997
Music Works Showcase '97 The Aim Is To Reclaim 1997
La La Bella Mama Land 1997
Righteous Reggae Jams Bone Lies 1998
Gathering Of The Spirits What About The Land? 1998
Nice an' Ruff Set De Prisoners Free 1998
Hottis Inc. - We Do Hits Can't Ketch We 1998
Armageddon Time Chapter II Pslams 25 1999
Iystic In The Clouds Time Wi Realize 2000
Roots Reggae Revival I Am 2001

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