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May 28, 2001

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Bushman Interview Bushman reasons with Ireggae about his childhood in St. Thomas and how he learned to sing in church choir. Bushman also talks about how his step-father introduced him to the rastafari way of life at a very early age and his many long journeys into Kingston until he finally caught a break with Steely & Cleevie. His very first singles "Grow Your Natty" and "Call The Hearse" earned him several "Best New Artist" nominations in 1996 and led to his debut release "Nyah Man Chant" the following year.

Bushman discusses his many singles and albums to date, including 'Higher Ground' his newest release on the Greensleeves label. He also reveals a deep understanding of the social and economic conditions facing Jamaicans: "To keep the people unaware and illiterate about the situation that make them a victim of poverty, is the strategy of mystery Babylon within this time."

Bushman talks about his very first visit to California to perform at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. His sense of humbleness and positivity are certain to carry Bushman to a Higher Ground.

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