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Anthony B
July 17, 1999

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Anthony B Interview - July 17, 1999 Anthony B talks to IREGGAE.COM about his Shining Light tour of Europe earlier this year, and his performance at the Montreaux Jazz Festival. The bobo dread also reasons about his upcoming tour of Japan and Ghana and his new CD "Seven Seals", to be released by VP Records next month.  Anthony B also discusses the cause of the recent upsurge in violence and the economic crisis facing Jamaica today.  Click on image to hear interview.

Anthony B is the conscious bobo dread whose razor sharp lyrics and entrancing performances have set 'Fire Pon Rome' and propelled him to the forefront of reggae music.  He has released more than 35 singles this year alone, some of which are featured on "3 Wise Men", along with Luciano and Sizzla.

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