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February 25, 2002

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Abijah Interview - February 25, 2002
running time: 48:10  
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Abijah reasons with Ireggae about growing up around music and his father, who played drums with Mystic Revelation of Rastafari.  He discusses how he came to take the name Abijah and his prior performances under the stage name of "Quenchers".  

Abijah talks about the success of "Revelation" his very first recording that remains on the charts over 10 months after being released.  Live and Jah Is Not Divided are subsequent singles that have also done well in Jamaica.  Abijah speaks about the twelve songs that he recorded for his debut album that will be released later this year. 

During this interview, Abijah demonstrates a strong sense of purpose and a deep understanding of life for a man of his age: "The greatest gift a man could ever have and the biggest weapon is love and forgiveness. A man can come with 50 of the biggest guns, and the most money, but if him nah have love and forgiveness, him nuh powerful yet."   

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Abijah will be performing
at the 9th annual
Sierra Nevada World Music Festival
June 21-23, 2002


Abijah in Concert:

Abijah - Photo by Theo Smit
Sum Fest 2001
Photo by Theo Smit

Abijah - Photo by Sista Irie
Rebel Salute - 2002
Photo by Sista Irie

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